Prediction Market that
Accelerates Insights

Build the most informative and engaging prediction market, powered by AI

Will tomorrow rain in NYC?

Will Jay Chou forget lyrics in the next concert?

Will Gemini take over the market  of GPT4 in a year?

Will Ukraine War end by June 2024?

Will BTC price reach 100,000 by end of 2024?

The Most Engaging and Informative

Prediction Market powered by AI

We enable users to exchange their views on current trends. On this platform, you have the option to purchase shares based on the likelihood of an event occurring. It's equipped with an AI-powered recommendation system that tailors event suggestions specifically for you. Additionally, experienced users have the opportunity to generate events for communities and earn rewards.

1,000+ Users

who openly share their views and have strong confidence in their beliefs

1,000+ News

we scripting 1,000 news daily to find the most engaging topics

10+ Partners

we collaborate with 10+ data vendors and projects to build our visions together

SEI native

We start our journey on SEI the fastest layer-1 blockchain

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Topics for

AI will recommend topics for you to express your opinions. The more you use the platform, the better AI understands you, and the more likely you will win with your expertise and earn more rewards.

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Your Own Asset

Defining your trading targets based on your personal interests. We support everyone in creating their own trading targets based on their opinions and won rewards. The more intriguing topic you create, the more rewards you get.

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data powered


Everything you wish to know about the topics, in real-time. With the right incentives to data vendors and oracles, we provide you the most comprehensive knowledge about the events you wish to express your opinions on.  

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AI+Blockchain solution

Our solution is powered by AI and blockchain technology, AI is designed for users to trade their opinions based on group interests, blockchain guarantees the trading process is auditable.

what customers say



One Piece Labs

It seems to be a very interesting platform, I definitely wish to try it. A lot of things would happen on it!



I wish to trade on the probability that Sam will become the CEO again, even though he is fired.



I'm interested in investing money on the chance that my favorite DJ will be listed in DJ Mag's Top 100.

what's new

Articles & News


December 6, 2023

A decentralized prediction market with AI

SEI Foundation

December 4, 2023

Predictions markets are
coming to SEI


November 25, 2023

Intent-centric asset class
for future creator economy



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